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  • Home Health Aides
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists
  • Social workers
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Skilled Nurses
Registered Nurses (RNs) providing individual care and case management for medically prescribed treatments.  We provide outstanding Nursing Care to our clients. You will receive the best care within your home from our trained registered nurses. Working closely with your doctorís orders, our Nurses will ensure you are getting the best possible Home Health Care Service.

Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) working under a physicianís order and RN supervision, administer medication and treatment and assist the patient.  Licensed Vocational Nurses are highly trained to work independently in Home Health Care.

Skilled Nursing Services Include:
Maintaining the accuracy of patientís medical records.
Regularly checking  patients in their home for vital signs, medications and other home health necessities.
Helping with the recovery process of each patient in a safe and secure environment of the home.
Administering Injections
Wound Care
Assessment of Cardio/pulmonary status
Intravenous Therapy (for hydration or antibiotic therap
Enteral Feeding
Pulmonary Care
Insulin Therapy
Other Skilled Interventions

Home Health Aides
We understand our patients need a helping hand around the home.  That is why St. Luke Home Health Care, Inc. has created a plan to extend our services into your daily home activities.  Our Home Health Care Specialist can assist in many everyday processes.  They assist all patients including elderly patients, patients with disabilities and patients who are recovering.

Other Home Health Services May Include:
Bathing, Dressing, Grooming
Medication Reminders
Meal Preparation
Transportation to appointments
Assistance with errands and shopping
Light House Keeping

Physical Therapist
Our Physical therapists are highly trained individuals in the medical field who treat and assist patients for rehabilitation. Our Physical Therapists care for injured or those who are physically affected by illness to recover or improve function. At St. Luke Home Health Care, Inc., our physical therapist will assist in the evaluation of each patient in the home and help to improve a patientís range of motion, motor control, and reduce any pain, discomfort and swelling the patient is experiencing.

Occupational Therapist
Occupational Therapists assist patients in performing activities as well as to provide exercise therapy to help strengthen patientís ability to function.  St. Luke Home Health Care, Inc., properly places Occupational Therapist with experienced skills and ability to work in the patientís home with the patient and their families.  Patients with permanent disabilities, such as spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, or muscular dystrophy, often need special instruction to master certain daily tasks .  Occupational Therapist gives patients and their families a feeling of independence through physical therapy, personal assistance and guidance.

Speech Therapist
Speech Therapist are specialized individuals with the skills needed to help patients with various levels of speech, language and communication problems.  St. Luke Home Health Care, Inc., ensure that the patientís Speech Therapist is working with the healthcare professional or doctor to create and implement a plan for recovery.  Speech Therapists assess the patientís needs before developing individual treatment programs to enable each client to improve as much as possible.

Social workers
Are available for counseling regarding financial needs, emotional support, adjustment to illness, and to link patient and their families to community resources. The Home Health Care Social Workerís role is to provide support to enable service users to help themselves. They maintain professional relationships with service users, acting as guides, advocates or critical friends. Our qualified social workers are professionals how work closely with our healthcare providers, doctors and nurses to ensure patients are receiving the care they deserve.  

Home Health Care Social Worker Services Include:
Working with Elderly Patients
Offering information and counseling support to service users and their families
Recommending and researching the best course of action for a patient
Maintaining accurate records

Supplies and Equipment
Arrangements will be made with a durable medical equipment dealer for delivery of equipment to the patientsí home.
St. Luke Home Health Care, Inc. provides the convenience of ordering durable medical equipment to make you home health care experience more comfortable.
Bath and Shower Seats
Bedside Commode Chair
Cranes and Crutches
Living Aides
Diabetic Supplies
Personal Care Supplies
Exercise Therapy

Payment Plan and Methods
The charges are based on actual cost of each service. Those fees may be paid directly by the patient or family; Medicare or Medical; or many private insurance plans.
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